Prototyping Design and Toolmaking Prototyping Service - Perth WA

Prototypes are the most effective and affordable way to avoid costly design and production errors. 


Working from the CAD 3D Modelling software, Design and Toolmaking can provide
both Rapid Prototyping and CNC machined models. Not only does this provide you with
a visual representation, but more importantly aids the evaluation of the form, fit and function
of the component, identifying if further refinement and modifications are required before
commencing with mould making and final production.




Design and Toolmaking PrototypeWe can provideā€¦


Rapid Prototypes

This is the process of turning your 3D CAD design into a realistic model,

usually using 3D printing technology.



CNC Machined Models

These prototypes are more robust and can be made in the same material

as the end product, providing a fully functional and working component.